A minimum of the following is required:

  • Microsoft Windows (32/64 bit), Mac OS X (64 bit only), or Linux (32/64 bit).
  • Java 7 or higher
  • 512 MB of free RAM
    • 512 MB is the required memory above whatever the operating system or other running applications require.
    • 1 GB or RAM is recommended for video playback.
  • A decent CPU
    • Any multi-core CPU should be just fine.
    • If you plan to use video, you will need a fairly new (and fast) CPU for smooth video playback.
  • 2 or more video output ports.
    • If your computer has dual video output or more (you have more than one screen, whether it be two monitors or a monitor and a projector/tv) then you are good to go.


To download, click one of the links below.

Windows Mac OS X Linux Download the Online Installer [1][3]
or Download the Offline Archive [2][3]
[1] Webstart downloads require internet access the first time Praisenter is launched. This has the benefit of automatic updates when an internet connection is available. This is the recommended download.
[2] The Archive download allows you to run Praisenter without an internet connection. There are no automatic updates.
[3] Praisenter does not come with a default Bible installed (you will be prompted to import one when Praisenter starts the first time).  You can download Bibles from The Unbound Bible.  Be sure to read the bible copyright information carefully before use.

ALERT: As of Java 1.7 update 51, self-signed Java applications like Praisenter are blocked from running by default. View this post for more details and a workaround.

Need help installing or troubleshooting a problem? Click on the link below corresponding to your operating system.

Windows Download & Install Help Mac OS X Download & Install Help Linux Download & Install Help

Need more help? Post a topic on the forum.

Want to help out?

Go to the contribute page for more details on helping out.