New Version on the Way

A new version of Praisenter is on the way! A lot of work has gone into this and we are expecting a release in the coming weeks.

This new version will include a number of new features including:

  • A new Media Library to manage images, video and audio.
  • Video & Audio support.  Add video backgrounds or video/audio components to slides or templates.
  • Custom slides.  Create, edit, and remove custom slides with backgrounds, text, video, images, audio, and more.
  • Slide templates.  Create, edit, and remove templates for slides.
  • Easy template switching.  Switch the template you are using for song or bible presentation on the fly.
  • New slide/template editor.
  • New Slide/template library manager.
  • Slide and component borders.  Borders are now available on slides and components.
  • Gradient support.  Add gradients (rather than just solid colors) to borders, background fills, or text.
  • Text borders (color or gradient).
  • Slide/template resolution targeting.  View your slide or template in any resolution to test your creation.
  • Export/Import of slides and templates.
  • New preferences manager with render quality settings.
  • User interface improvements.

and much more!

The new version will have the same minimum requirements, but will have a higher memory requirement if you plan to use the video features.

At this time the Video/Audio support is experimental. Most videos that we have tested with work for the first playback.  Looping continues to be an issue with some videos.  Be sure to test the video playback and looping!!

Testing on all supported platforms has revealed a number of issues which have been resolved. Windows Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion have been tested extensively.

Sadly, Ubuntu is broken with an outstanding Java bug. This means Praisenter is basically unusable on Ubuntu until the bug is fixed.  Other Linux distributions may or may not work.

The new version is being released with a new license.  The 3rd party library we are using for video and audio support requires the use of GPL v3.0.  For users of Praisenter, this doesn’t really change anything except that you must be provided the source code (which is already the case).  Praisenter is still offered completely free of charge or hassle.

For developers, this means that deriving any code from any of the GPL’ed code will require you to use the GPL license (not cool in my opinion).  Thankfully, we have separated out the GPL code from Praisenter’s main code into a standalone plugin.  This allows everything but the video and audio support to remain under the BSD license.  You will find the GPL code under the gpl directory in the repository.

See the Release Notes for a full break down of new features, bug fixes, outstanding issues, supported platforms, etc.

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