Specialized presentation software tailored for churches, enabling seamless and engaging presentations for worship services and sermons



A free and open source presentation software package for Churches.

Feature rich

Praisenter is packed with features that make presenting content easy and manageable.

Open source

Praisenter is an open source project built by others that share your passion. This means that you can directly contribute to make Praisenter better.


100% free for any use. No registration or sign-up. No trial period or limited feature set. Just download and enjoy!


Praisenter is packed with features that make presenting content easy and manageable.


Display unique content on each display


Present Bible verses, song lyrics, videos, and more


Create slides, templates, songs, and other content


Prepare your content ahead of time


Organize your content into different workspaces


Present two languages side-by-side

File formats

Support for a huge number of media formats

Bulk edit

Edit songs and bibles in bulk with copy/paste

And more...

Bible searching, edit in safety, and more...


Praisenter is currently packaged for Windows and Ubuntu only. MacOS builds are currently not available. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try to build Praisenter yourself by cloning the GitHub repo.


Windows 10 x64 or higher

Install help


Ubuntu 22.04 x64 or higher

Install help

Quick start

Get started fast by following these easy steps

  • Download

    Download the Windows or Ubuntu installer from the releases page on the GitHub site. For Windows, download the .msi file. For Ubuntu download the .deb file.

  • Install

    For Windows, right click on the .msi file and unblock it. Then double click the installer and follow the prompts. See the install help for more details.

  • Setup a workspace

    After installation, when you run Praisenter, it will ask for a workspace. This should be a new or empty folder that will be used to store all the content.

  • Download a Bible

    Launch Praisenter and go to the Help menu. Choose Download Unbound Bibles (for example). This will launch a webpage where you will see a list of lanugages containing Bibles.

  • Import a Bible

    You can import Bibles, song lyrics, pictures, videos, and other content by dragging and dropping it anywhere on Praisenter. You can use the File, Import menu option as well.

  • Create your templates

    Praisenter comes with VERY basic templates for display, you’ll likely want to build your own. Go to the File, New Slide menu option to start creating.

  • You're ready
    to start praisenting!

Need help?

Read over the install help, open a discussion topic, or review the known issues list